Adios a SportArbs

Aunque matemáticamente el negocio era posible no pudo ser... mejor no meter más plata en negocios online que no tengan una oficina real (y que estén en países que no sean paraísos fiscales). Ahora Bélice conserva los fondos de todos los estafados :)
Dear Perfect Money Customers,

This is to address the "information" that Sportarbs has been spreading lately.

Perfect Money has terminated the Sportarbs account due to an obvious fraudulent
scheme utilized by Sportarbs. While the account of Sportarbs once had a significant
balance; its own customers remained unpaid. Slightly later, the funds have been
withdrawn to a bank account. All of this happened before the Sportarbs account has
been blocked.

Perfect Money has blocked the account once it was clear that Sportarbs are withdrawing
the funds to their own bank account, instead of paying to the customers. This company
knew about their obligations to the clients, yet they chose to avoid paying.

At this point the account of Sportarbs is empty (Please see below), as almost all the
funds have been withdrawn a month prior to the account termination.

The reason for termination of the account is to prevent you from transferring funds to
Sportarbs, and as a result, losing funds. You can see that there is no balance at that
account that could be used by SportArbs to make a refund.

Perfect Money Finance Corp. has fulfilled all of its obligations before Sportarbs.
All Sportarbs's bank transfer withdrawal requests have been fulfilled and there is no
outstanding obligations to Sportarbs on our part.

Sportarbs's bank account:
Sportarbs International Corporation
Corner Eyre and Hutson St. Suite 102
Belize City, Belize

Bank account number: CY18011000121325000919619115

Sportarbs's Perfect Money account:

The purpose of "information" that is being spread by Sportarbs is to avoid responsibility
for its own actions, or more precisely, inaction. At the same time, we at Perfect Money,
have taken all possible measures to minimize your losses.

We recommend you to contact authorities as soon as possible on this matter. Perfect Money
will assist the international and national law enforcement agencies to bring this matter
to justice.

About SportArbs operations:

Sportarbs is a classic Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation
that pays returns to investors from money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from
any actual profit earned. This kind of schemes are bound to collapse sooner or later as
they constantly require new investors to pay the profits for the previous ones. This
collapse is happening now.

Why is SportArbs a ponzi scheme:

- New deposits were used to pay for the old ones (obvious from the behavior on the account)
- No deposits of profit from Sportarbs.
- Unrealistic profits
- Numerous complaints received from unpaid investors while Sportarbs account was active.

Sportarbs will surely try to point the blame at anyone without providing evidence and details
in regard to their statements. This is in line with behavior of a Ponzi scheme operator.
The bottom line here is that Sportarbs are in possession of your money, you have made deposits
to their account and they are responsible to refund you upon your request.

Perfect Money is a payment system. Online Payments is our business. Should we receive a deposit
from Sportarbs the money will be transferred to your accounts immediately.

Obviously there is no such thing as "Stabilization Fund" in our possession, just as I strongly
doubt that there is such fund at all.

It looks like Sportarbs intend to continue attracting new funds and new clients. Chances that
they will fulfill their obligations are illusionary at best, particularly before the new
clients. Please be careful.

Copy of this official statement is available at

Best Regards,

Perfect Money Finance Corp.

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